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I’m Anastasia, a cat and animal lover, indoor plant parent and, finally-able-to-call-myself, plant blogger. I live with my husband, three cats, small animal zoo, and over 100 houseplants in New York.

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How To: Homemade Houseplant Soil Mix

Making a "homemade" houseplant soil mix is not as hard as it sounds. As long as you know the ingredients and what they do, you’re golden. This guide is here to help!

Make some soil mix!

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Work With Me

In addition to this blog, I do quite a bit of consulting work. Have a new pet and are not sure which plants to keep? I got you. Need some help uncovering what’s wrong with your dying Monstera? I’ll help.

Work With Me


Pet Safe Climbing Plants (part 1) #plants #houseplants

When you have one overachiever and one just doing its best

5 Pet Safe Plants for Pets (with pronunciation)