The Best Hanging Planters

I did it. I finally created a roundup of the best modern hanging planters. They check my boxes of 1. being durable for clumsy pets and pet parents, 2. aesthetically pleasing, 3. not macrame, and 4. not leaky. Most importantly I picked all of these, they’re not sponsored*, nothing was free, and now I have a bunch of planters I didn’t really need.

The Problems with Hanging Planters

Hanging planters have always been a tricky find for me. Sometimes they are a weird size, sometimes the little inside knots get in the way of the plant I’m trying to put in and sometimes they’re really ugly. And sometimes I don’t want a macrame plant holder even though that seems to be all anyone makes.

Leakage is always an issue too. When I do houseplant consulting for clients it’s so difficult to recommend hanging planters that just keep. the. water. in. Durability is also very hit or miss. The last thing anyone needs is a planter crashing down in the middle of the night from 10′ in the air. Well made hanging planters are where it’s at.

Last is aesthetic. Ok, hang on a minute, I’m not hating on macrame planters or plant holders. I’m really not. But those are for a very specific aesthetic. A boho vide, an organic I-shop-at-Urban-Outfitters vibe that not everyone has. I just want a modern, clean slate, white plastic/ceramic planter, maybe even something fun. My asks are normal, right? There is a time and place for macrame, but this isn’t the blog post.

I utilize hanging planters a lot, in both my home and my clients’, so finding the best hanging planters was a necessity. They are pretty indispensable when it comes to keeping plants out of reach of cats or dogs (not birds, I’m afraid). I bought a total of 15 hanging planters and narrowed it down to my top five. I explain why I like them, why I recommend them, and what plant is best in said planter.

My Top Planter Picks

Mkono Ceramic 8″ + 6″ Hanging Planters, Set of 2

-Finally a clean white planter, and in two sizes. Perfect for plopping in a plant in a plastic pot.

-Yes there is some rope involved, but it can easily be changed out for some leather roping or metal chain (which is what I did).

-Has a drainage hole that can be kept plugged or not, and does not leak.

-Perfect for a few plants but Hoya, Peperomia, Ivy or Burros tail would be happy in these. Plus it’s a two pack for $30.

set of two white hanging planters

Vanslogreen 10″ Plastic Hanging Planter, Set of 2

-These planters are leak free and 10(!) inches, which is so hard to find in a hanging planter.

-They’re plastic so you can plant right into the pot OR just place a potted plant right in.

-The chain is easily removable too if you choose style as a regular planter.

-Because of the size any plant is great, but Ferns and Pothos would be excellent in this planter. Plus it’s a two pack for like $25.

set of two plastic hanging planters

Melphoe Plastic 6.5″ Self Watering Planters, Set of 2

-A more modern vintage planter that looks like glass but is a lightweight plastic for those of us who are clumsy. I find the plastic a bit thin (compared to what it looks like in the photos) but I also like that they don’t weigh 20 lbs each. They look really nice in a bathroom.

-LOVE that there are other color options, I love the green so much but there’s also a tan.

-Self watering but you can remove that aspect if you choose. A two pack is $16ish.

-Love the small size for Hoya, Pothos, or even African violets. I bought 10 of these for my client and have different kinds of ferns in them and they stay watered which is key and look pretty.

Clear plastic hanging planters

Disco Ball 8″ Hanging Planter (with Hanging Rope, Hanging Chain, Hook, Circle and Extra Mirror Pieces)

-I really can’t get enough of these. They’re fun, have no leakage, are spacious enough for a decent size plant and you can either hang or use as a regular planter. There’s a little doughnut that comes with it for displaying. This is very fun in my window and Harvey loves the little rays of sparkles.

-My disco ball has a peperomia hope hanging in there and he’s happy. There’s also this larger size available on Etsy. Prices range from $20-$50.

Hanging plant in disco planter

Sungmor Egg 7″ Self Watering Hanging Planters, Set of 3

-I added these eggy boys last minute to my Amazon cart and I’m glad I did. They are great little planters, especially as a set. They’re durable plastic and don’t leak, plus their shape is space saving.

-The 7″ opening is actually perfect for those awkward 6″ plastic planters, they fit great.

-Any plant would do great in these, but anything cascading like pet-safe peperomia prostrate, or string of pearls look especially nice. This set of two is about $40.

set of three egg shaped planters

My Favorite Planter is….

My favorite is the disco ball planter only because I am actually a magpie. But in all I am very happy I now have a nice list of modern hanging planters (and not just white hanging planters). That being said, I absolutely love a handmade hanging planter or ceramic ones that I buy locally. I tend to buy these when we travel and nothing quite beats a nice planter you’ve picked out that was made by hand. I always go for those first but this is a great list of quick ones to buy. I also wanted to mention you can easily replace or add the chains to planters to swap out rope – you can buy them on Amazon actually and these are great hooks too.

Have a recommendation or know of a great company making these? Leave me a comment and I’ll check it out!

*Also, these are all in my Amazon storefront and I made a tiny commission off any purchase you make, which goes right back into doing more content like this.

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