Work With Me

Hi! Anastasia here. Want to work with me? Yay. Below you’ll find info for hiring me as a consultant OR to promote your product or service.

I promote products through my newsletter, social media, and blog to my ever-growing audience of plant and animal lovers. If you have a product you think we’ll like, keep reading.

Hire Me!

In addition to this blog, I do quite a bit of consulting work. Have a new pet and are not sure which plants to keep? I got you. Need some help uncovering what’s wrong with your dying Monstera? I’ll help. Do you physically want someone to plan and create a pet-friendly landscape in your yard? This is a specialty of mine, and yes I’ll be there.

My fee is $50-$75 an hour for small projects, with hourly rate dependent on the project. This includes small-scale landscaping projects, plant rehab calls, local plant maintenance (local to parts of NY only), interior plant styling and plant buying advice. For large projects (such as designing a pet-friendly home with plants) I charge per project and have a minimum amount of hours required.

Interested in working with me? Email me (hello @ leaf and paw . com, but without the spaces) or DM me on social media. I would love to chat.

Collab with Me!


Leaf and Paw has become a trusted resource in Monstera caretaking, pet and plant cohabitation, black cat awareness, and Peperomia collecting. With every partnership, a win-win-win arrangement is a must between myself, my audience and the brands I work with. While it’s nice to monetize my work, my audience’s trust is important, so I always make sure I can provide value and honesty so all three groups will benefit.

Let’s work together:

Who I work with: Everyone! I work with Etsy sellers, small businesses and large companies.

What to expect: I’ll typically do an unboxing in my IG Stories, photo feature, and continue to plug/tag the products whenever it appears in my photos in the future. I am also happy to try out product for reviews, put together a Instagram giveaway or accept coupon codes to promote for your business. If there is a campaign in mind, I am also happy to customize one based on the goal of the campaign. Depending on the items, I may decide to do a similar feature as mentioned above, or do a complete blog post highlighting said items.

My currant collabs are:

  • Amazon Affiliates (and select Amazon sellers)
  • Costa Farms
  • Declutterd
  • Monstera Plant Resource
  • Select Etsy sellers (like @Avare below)
  • Katris
  • Target

If you are a non-profit: I’d love to work with you! I work primarily with animal-based non profits. There is no fee for a promotion with me, and I can accept public donations on my website, do a small social media campaign, or promote the non-profit in any way you see fit to maximize donations. Donations will then be sent electronically to your non-profit.

A few more things.

Before you inquire, please note:
-Do not inquire about working with me if your product does not align with the theme of this blog – I will only collab with brands that makes sense to promote and that I would personally use.
-I do not work with Amazon resellers.
-I do not guarantee any number of views or any amount of audience engagement on any post. I have a very loyal following and, due to constant social media algorithm changes, number of likes, saves, etc are out of my control.
-Any product(s) sent is to be kept by Leaf and Paw and not returned.