Please Don’t Buy Lilies if You Have Kitties

This is meant to rhyme in a Dr. Suessian fashion. Not too much more needs to be said, and many houseplant blogs and pet blogs already talk about the danger that is Easter lilies. But they are actually the worst (and smell weird) and no one with cats should buy lilies. Ever.

With Easter being around the corner, here’s just a friendly PSA. The Pet Poison Helpline, which is a fantastic site/resource, circulates this:

This basically sums sup what you need to know, which is again, don’t buy them. I have had people give me lilies as a housewarming gift and I am brutally honest; politely, I say thank you for the thought, but please take them back or I will throw them out. I have also brought a bouquet to my office, which also threw them out because like I said, lilies smell super weird.

Siamese Cat Spot also has a great PSA showing what lilies are worse than others (I hate on lilies but Callas do look pretty). Many of them appear in floral bouquets. I always reopened if you are buying a bouquet to specify no lilies or any plant in the lily family.

Pet Safe Flowers for Easter or Mother’s Day

Lilies are such a traditional flower for Easter and Mother’s Day, as are hyacinths, amaryllis, cyclamen and tulips. These are toxic too, so move right along to some other options.

The best non-toxic Mother’s Day flowers are Gerber daises, Phalaenopsis orchids, easter cactus, or sunflowers. The Sill (pic below) has a really nice selection of pet safe Mother’s Day or Easter plants and they’re labeled as such! I love the Sill.

We love The Sill.

I hope this article helps keep at least one cat out of the hospital during the spring holidays, and please share with anyone who may not know the dangers of stupid lilies. Happy spring!

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