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hoya kerrii

Aren’t Hoya kerrii the cutest plump, plush babies? This pudgy plant is a must have, but there are some things we need to discuss. From those single-leaf plants, to care, to properly propagating, here is a guide to everything you need to know about them.

Hoya kerrii vine
Photo by Hoya lover @hiyakerrii

If you aren’t super familiar with Hoya, which are one of my favorite pet safe plant families, they’re kind of a cross between a plant and a succulent. I talk more about Hoyas in this post, but keep this in mind; they have thick, juicy leaves which hold water like a succulent would. Hoya are typically found in Thailand, China and India and they make the best houseplants.

This post isn’t about all Hoyas though, it’s about Hoya kerrii. As you see, these chubby babies are not only pet safe and pinchably cute, but also look like a little heart vine. Like, I can’t.

Caring for a Hoya kerrii

Sunlight: Again, these guys have plump leaves that hold water like succulents do, so they need lots of sun. I keep all of my Hoya in a very bright window with 6+ hours of daily sun. Low light = sad Hoya.

Watering: Water when the pot feels dry. If you have a moisture meter you can test that way, or go by feel. When the pot is light, gently aerate the soil and water throughly. Never let these stand in water.

Humidity: I always have a humidifier running (my fav is this one by Vornado), but Hoya like some humidity over dry air.

Soil: For all of my Hoya, I do an orchid bark, perlite, sand, and soil mixture. This keeps the soil well-draining so when it’s watering time, there’s not a root rot risk.

Hoya Kerrii Varieties

These guys are hard to find, too, at least in a mature plant form. H. compacta and H. carnosa are probably the more common varieties you see in greenhouses and garden centers. A slow grower, Hoya kerrii is a trailing vine that comes in a few different varieties:

Hoya kerrii

Hoya kerrii
Photo by Hoya lover @hiyakerrii

Hoya kerrii “Splash”

Hoya kerrii splash
Photo by Megan @meg_barria

Hoya kerrii “Albomarginata”

variegated hoya kerri albomarginata
Photo by @alisplants

Hoya kerri “Sweetheart” single-leaf

single leaf hoya

Yes, the variegated ones are amazing, but let’s talk a bit about this last one, those single leaf Hoya. Let me tell you a story.

Those Single Leaf Hoya Kerrii

A few months ago I bought one of these babies for $8.

Sweetheart hoya

So cute, I thought. Now I have the beginnings of a Hoya kerrii, one that will turn into a plump, gorgeous vine, like this:

Sweetheart hoya vine in planter
Photo by Hoya lover @hiyakerrii

Nope, incorrect.

You may have seen these single “Sweetheart leaf” Hoya around, specifically around Valentines Day, sometimes with I Love You on them or something stupid. After looking around on the internet for far too long, I have come to this consensus – you cannot grow a Hoya kerrii with a single leaf. Generally, Hoya are very easy to propagate. Like other plants, they need a node in order to successfully continue to develop into a plant. Well here’s the problem, these little cuttings have no node.

Single leaf hoya kerrii roots

These “single leaf” Hoya kerrii are just that, a leaf. These will stay in this adorable heart shape state as they contain no node or way to grow. Sure, you may get lucky, and some may have some tiinnnnyy piece of stem on them, but 9.5 times out of ten they are just a leaf with roots. This is called a blind leaf. Essentially, the leaf will never amount to anything except, well, a leaf with roots. It’s not uncommon to see Fiddle leaf Fig leaves (just the leaves) being propagated with a hot flood of roots on Instagram. While this may seem like legit #rootgoals, know that it will never turn into a plant. A piece of the stem with a node is the only way to get a plant to sprout new and continued growth.

Hoya carnosa roots

I did an experiment. I have a Hoya carnosa leaf that fell off (above). It developed roots but has not popped out anything in else for months whether it is in water or soil. It just has roots. Adding rooting hormone may seem like a good idea, but it just encourages more roots, not stem growth.

By contrast, here are two cutting with nodes (below). They put out new growth and aren’t even in soil yet. They are actually younger than the single leaf cutting.

Hoya carnosa propagation

Caring for a single Hoya kerrii leaf…

While I’m sorry for the depressing news about single leaf Hoya kerrii, I have good news. These are still adorable little plump plants that you should still care for like any other plant. These guys will continue to stay this shape and remain green. Care is similar to regular Hoya as I described above.

Single leaf hoya kerrii

…And Propagating a Plant

If you do manage to get your hands on an actual cutting, be sure it has at least two leaves and attached to a healthy piece of the stem. If you purchase a cutting online, look for the same. Be sure the seller always shows a photo of the actual plant. I’ve been seeing cuttings and smaller plants on ebay and Amazon for for about $20-40 USD.

Hoya kerrii node
Photo by Hoya lover @hiyakerrii

Once you have the cutting, you can plop it in water to grow some useful roots. Be sure to keep the leaves above the water, only the roots submerged. After a few months you can plant in a well-draining mix (similar to mine above). Hoya kerrii are the slowest growers, but you should see some good stuff happening in a few months and you’ll be on you way to a lovely looking vine.

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88 replies
  1. I have questions. So many questions! I bought one of these guys maybe a year and a half ago. It was a full plant with several stems and a couple little leaf only sections. I put it in a hanging pot. Trailing vine is not what I got. This thing has grown straight up and is now creeping along my ceiling. The top part is super leggy with little outshoots to help hold itself into the ceiling. What I want to know is, how do I groom it. It seems to be thriving but I’m unsure of the best way to help it out as far as leading out at the top. At this point it’s about 3 feet tall and I’m afraid to touch it for fear of making it sad

    1. Hi Rachael! It does sound happy, but it also sounds like it may need more light, hence the legginess. These shouldn’t have too much space in between leaves and more sunlight will fix that. You should definitely prune it. I would take off a foot or so and you can propagate into smaller plants. Alternatively, you can not chop anything off and just get a pole for it to climb on. Either way I would move it to more light and I think it would benefit from a trim, but don’t do it if makes you anxious! 🙂

    2. I don’t know if you are checking in on your post, but the way you said that and what I envisioned had me laughing so hard. Thank you! And good luck with keeping it and you happy!!

  2. Your post had me scared but props tothelittlejungle Etsy shop, bc my valentine self-gifted leaf has sprouted a lil vine as promised!!! It’s not impossible to find a well propagated cutting 🙂 there is hope.

    1. I bought a single leaf sweetheart hoya for valentines years ago. It was just two leafs stuck into mold and I was sooo depressed when I found out that it wouldn’t produce a plant. But kiw, after a couple 8f years, I have 2 stems and 6 new leafs on it – so it’s developing into a beautiful plant. The trick is to forget about it (like put it high up so you forget to water it) and play energies for it!!! I water mine once a month depending on the season.

    2. I came here to say this, too! After literally YEARS, my heart hoya sprouted, and has grown more leaves in the past 6 months (only two more, but still!), than in the literal 4 years I had this plant. NO idea why, but I’m happy about! <3

  3. I got a single heart 6 yrs ago and now it is one long vine. Love it but can I trim it and start another vine and how???

  4. Hi! I have a question I testing right now between 2 different plants. Can an established Hoya Kerrii grow in water only? With only the roots submerged. I know my Hoya Krimson grows like that, but I can’t find anything on this question anywhere..?

    1. Hi Nathan! Yes you should be able to root a kerrii (as long as they’re nodes) in water. You can also try moist sphagnum moss – which yield really nice roots. You just place the cutting in moist sphagnum, keeping the moss moist at all times, and wait a month or so for roots to develop, then carefully peel away any extra moss before you plant. Either way would work.

  5. $8!! Only one local nursery around me has them and one leaf is “on sale” for $45. I live in central MO so maybe that has something to do with it? But it feels like extortion so I refuse to buy one haha!

      1. Home Depot is selling a cute 2♥️ pot for $4.95. I would so excited to find them I bought two only to read this article and find out that it was a waste of nearly $10 but what a cute little conversation piece I will have.

        1. I have a single leaf hoya heart that I received as a gift shortly after my husband died 18 months ago. I noticed recently a shoot emerging from the soil. I am curious as to what this might be. Could it be a root or a Hoya baby?

  6. I had a hoya plant that someone dropped off at a nursery where I work. It was in very bad shape. They had left it in direct hot sunlight and it was pretty burnt. I took some leaves that looked half way survivable and planted them. Just the leaves, no stems. Well they rooted. Now my question is, how to get them to grow. They have been rooted for nearly a year now and are not growing. Will they grow ? Any information anyone could provide is greatly appreciated. Thank You

    1. They will not – they need a piece of stem (like I show above) to do anything, otherwise they’ll just stay leaves with roots. Hoyas grow pretty quick, so if you haven’t seen anything in a few weeks let alone a year, you may not see a plant anytime soon. The leaves look pretty though, they’ll stay happy in soil and stay small.

  7. Anastasia, one of my leaves including the stem came loose/broke loose from the mother plant. This happened last night. Will this leaf and stem root in water? This is a new plant to me and I hate that that leaf came off.

    1. Yes! If there is a chunk of stem attached it will, if it’s just a leaf it will just root like I talk about here, but may not continue to grow more leaves. I would try anyway – why not, right? Good luck!

  8. Hello! I was gifted 3 single sweetheart hoya in 6cm pots.. I was just wondering if they can all be put into one pot together & whether this will be helpful for them to become a trailing plant as they should be? I don’t want to pick a pot too big but also not too small. I love succulents & have a range of them, but these are totally alien to me (and cute asf) Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Emily, they can be grouped, but just like I mention in the article you may not get a growing/trailing plant. Either way they will look cute and grow fine altogether in one planter.

  9. I bought a single leaf that remained a single leaf for 4 years! I gave up and left it to the side and it was quite dry for some time. Suddenly it popped out a shoot and a new leaf, now it’s growing quite fast. Never give up on the single leaf Kerri!

    1. That is encouraging Tracie! I’ve had mine for 2 years and it has not done a thing. I gave it a pretty pot and sea-glass dressing too. I’m going to take it out and put it in a plastic pot and put in a window in my dank basement. I’ve had such successes with other plants – ignore and/or mistreat them and somtimes they do wonderous things.

  10. Hey so I have a single hoya kerri heart and it’s been doing well for about 8 months. It has now started turning whitish/yellow from the bottom. I’m scared to take it out of the soil (and damaging it completely) to check if it has a node or if it’s just a leaf with roots. It’s also not firm anymore like it used to be and seems to be falling back instead of standing on tis own. Does it sound like it’s a leaf only and it’s time is over?

    1. It does and it doesn’t sound promising, and I would check those roots out and see what’s going on. Even if it were to pop out a stem, the bottom leaf shouldn’t yellow, so it just sounds like a single leaf plant that may have had too much water. He may not make it, but check out the roots and see if anything is going – you can try to put it in bright indirect like and see if he perks up too.

    2. Hi! Thanks so much for the great info! 1. I have a couple leaves that have gotten dark almost black spots, I think it was from over watering it, then it grew more leaves that did not have those spots. Should I just cut those leaves for aesthetic purposes? Do you think it may be from overwatering? Thanks so much in advance!

  11. I have a single leaf Hoya Kerrii, as well as a plant with five leaves. One small leaf started turning lighter green and fell off. I have it under a lamp inside, so after reading your article, I am wondering if the plant is beginning to suffer from only a bright lamp lite and not actual sunlight. Is that a possibility?
    Also what proportions do you use in your soil mix? Orchid soil, perlite, sand and soil?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Mary, it is and could be. Hoyas need quite a bit of sun and unless its a grow light or a bulb with similar wattage, it is probably suffering quite a bit. I would move to a warm and bright location slowly, maybe a few feet closer to a window each day so you don’t shock the plant. It could also be overwatering which hoyas are very fragile to. As far as soil, I use a blend of all of the above you mention, and pretty much equal parts of each. Hoyas need lots of drainage.

  12. Hey there. So I got a Hoya Kerri around the summer. When it was shipped to me it was pushing out new growth but all of the new leaves (not fully matured) turned yellow and fell right off. It pushed out a new leaf a few weeks ago and that one began to grow in (yay) but…there’s four leaves at the base of the plant and then a very long stem that’s pretty much bald from the leaves that dropped and that one leaf at the very top of that stem. So it’s looking very sparse. If I were to snip that stem (and propagate) should it continue to grow ? Hope this wasn’t confusing lol. Thanks so much.

    1. You could snip that off and try propagating. I don’t believe that new leaves will grow on that empty part of the stem (on some hoyas new leaves do grow back) so yes, it will continue to grow. However, because all of those leaves dropped the plant may have been shocked. I would snip the good growth, root it but really monitor the main plant. Hopefully it pulls through and you’ll have two!

  13. This is my first time to your site and I just want to say THANK YOU for saving me from the deep dive down the wwwabbit hole trying to find the exact info that you have here on this adorable Hoya!

  14. I have a Kerrii with a looong vine with no leaves. but the long vine portion has little bumps that look like they could turn into roots all along the vine section. it looks like these little cluster “root bumps” occur ever 3-4 inches. the long leafless vine tendril section is about 18-24 inches. My Question: could I wrap wet moss & saran on each of the 4 or five root clusters & try to air layer to get roots? Then if they root, cut off each section & plant it & hope each section will grow leaves? trying to figure the best way to propogate without cutting off too many leaves because it just has a few leaves all bunched together at the bottom with little or now branching.

    1. Hi Gloria, I have the same thing happening on one of my hoyas and yes, these do turn into leaves. I have done exactly what you did and have honestly had mixed luck. I did water propagation and some rooted and some didn’t, but I noticed that in warm months this long tendril starts to pump out the leaves where the bumps are. If you are currently in colder months I would wait until it warms up before you majorly chop anything or propagate, but if you want to experiment you could take a piece off the top and see what happens. I hope that helps!

  15. I bought a single leaf Hoya 8 years ago. I has grown into a straight up vine with 20 Hoya leaves. It is my absolute baby!
    I do want to grow more baby Hoya plant from it, I understand about taking a cutting with a node etc but when I do this, will my original mature Hoya continue to grow from the cutting site?
    I intend to cut from the very top.

    Thank you.

  16. Hi. They have single leaf hoja’s at Walmart for about $1.49 in a cute pot. Valentine’s Day clearance. I bought 6 different ones. I’ll see what happens.

  17. Hello,
    I was recently gifted a small established Hoya with about 7 full leaves and tiny little ones starting to grow. It has two stems. The longer stem has grown off the base of the main stem and has no leaves yet. It was trying to grow some but in the days that I’ve had it all three turned yellow and fell off. I tried to move the stem and accidentally snapped about 25cm off. It only has teeny tiny leaves starting off. Should I put this into water to try and root? Do you think the main plant will be okay? Recently the leaves have also started to curl back slightly on the edges. Thanks

    1. Hi! It sounds like it may have been overwatered for the leaves to drop that way and the curling leaves is telling me it has too much moisture. You can try to propagate as long as you have a node on the cutting, but I would first make sure the root system is not rotted on the main plant-it’s hard to tell without seeing it. I would definitely make sure it’s in bright warm sun, too.

  18. Received a Hoya Kerrii full plant. 5 leaves. The top is the stem is cut, and calloused over where they pruned to make another plant. Will it continue to grow again from the spot that was cut?
    And also, 2 of the 5 leaves are a tad yellow, will they fall off?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nicole, It will continue to grow near that cut, it just takes time, but placing in a bright warm place will speed things up. Yellow leaves will fall off eventually – be careful you aren’t overwatering, kerrii’s like to be pretty dry and yellow leaves are sometimes a sign of too much water.

  19. A little over a year ago I got a single leaf Hoya Kerrii off of FB Marketplace. It was the first of an obsession.
    Of course, I was disappointed to learn that it would never grow into a plant, but she is so cute, I was okay with that. In my research, I did learn that some people did have success with a single leaf growing into a plant but they were few and far between. So, I cut away the little sponge that was keeping her upright, replanted her in a smaller pot, and put her in a south facing window that has diffused sunlight. Lo and behold, as I watered her today, I saw that she has a new stem popping up from the soil about an inch from the base of the original leaf and she has 2 tiny new leaves coming on. Hope springs eternal!

  20. Hi! I have a single heart hoya I was gifted a year ago, and now there is a stem sprouting right behind it! Did I get lucky and get a hoya with a node? What should I do?

  21. I got a Hoya Kerri in March 2021 the stems were already a bit brown but recently July 2021 the stems completely dried out . They are bending and very flexible. I am curious to know if I am over watering or under watering . The plant is on a window with lots of sun and the soil is cactus mix so the water isn’t retained as much . If you can please give some advise as the spending stem is near the new growth which seems to be doing pretty great

    1. Hi Brenda, sounds like too much sun and not enough water. I would add some regular soil in the mix and give it a good soak, and move it a few more inches away from the window. When the leaves are pliable, that’s a hint that the plant is thirsty. After watering you may loose some leaves but it should firm up and bounce back soon.

  22. Hi. My Hoya Kerrii is pushing out new leaves but they all have spots (on the stem and leaf). They look really funky. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Stacy, I’m actually having a similar problem and I have spidermites. You may not have mites but all pests make leaves misshapen and weird. I would thoroughly check over the plant and check a few times a day everyday to see if there is webbing or anything moving. If so, grab an insecticide and treat the plant. Hoyas are usually good with pests but sometimes they get them.

  23. Hello, I have an established Hoya Kerrii and am wondering why one new leaf falls off and the next one ends up growing. The plant has 6 normal leaves and not much of a vine but is still trying to put out baby leaves. The combination you mentioned for the “soil”, how much of each do you use to make the soil? Is it equal amounts? Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi! So for soil, I usually do 2 parts potting mix to 1 part another substrate (perlite, orchid mix, etc). And those baby leaves are normal, it means your plant is happy! Kerrii hoyas are slower growers/viners so any growth is a good sign.

  24. Hi, Iv had my Hoya Kerri for years. She finally sprouted new leaves and vines about 9yrs ago. I have repotted her since but all of the newer leaves are curled slightly. Some of them have straightened out but I had to repot her again as I realised I hadn’t given the plant enough drainage. I used normal soil with orchid soils mix and added stones at the bottom of the plastic pot which also has holes. I put some large stones at the bottom of the pot so she will never be sat in water. Since I have reported her she dropped all of her new leaves (I think I stressed her out) but I have new leaves already growing, but one of her old leaves turned yellow and dropped off. I’m worried it maybe too late? All of the other leaves look so green and lush and have since become a deeper green. I have also moved her so she has more sunlight as well now as I think she wasn’t getting enough sun. I hope she will be ok 🙂

    1. Hi Francesca, she is definitely stressed – Hoyas really hate to be repotted in the first place so she’s pretty mad at this point. It does sound like she’s acclimating well and feeling better, so I just would let any leaves fall off and drop that need to and keep your eye on new growth. She should start to put out more growth now that she has more sun. I wouldn’t worry about any existing leaves, I would instead just keep your eye out for bugs (they love stressed plants) and be sure she isn’t getting scorched by any sun or overwatered.

  25. I came to this article because 8 years ago I was gifted one of the single leaf plants for valentine’s day.
    Well suddenly 8 years later something very strange happened. The leaf shot out a new growth adjacent to it, and then the original leaf died. But the new vine turned into a giant plant that wanted to climb very quickly.
    So you can propagate from a single leaf…if you’re willing to wait most of a decade.
    Thanks for sharing, now I know what happened to my strange little plant and what it is.

  26. Hi, I recently got my hoya and I was wondering if I could re-pot the hoya because I think this pot is too small and I want it to have space if it needs it. The lady I got the plant from wrote on the “care notes” to not re-pot but I think this pot is too small if it will ever want to vine.

    1. Hi Samantha – the care notes are indeed correct and hoyas actually like small pots, rather than larger ones. They prefer to be rootbound. They will need to be repotted eventually though, but only do so when it’s not in bloom and when there are roots vigorously coming out of the bottom. I have all my hoyas root bound and they are growing like weeds, compared to one given to me in a larger pot with room, which isn’t growing as well. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Annie! You want to let it dry about 90% and then water thoroughly. Never let these sit in water. I water mine about 1x a week but mine are in a very bright, warm room of my house ( I water less in winter). The key is to check the dirt for moisture and only water when needed.

  27. I have really enjoyed all the info from this site! But I still don’t know what to do with it, as I’ve had a single Hoya Heart plant for a year. It is groing 2 sprouts about 1/8″ AWAY from the original heart and I don’t know what to do about them. Do I just let it alone? Will they turn into a large heart or should I just leave it alone? I really love this little plant!

    1. Thanks Carol! So I would say, yes, let them be. If you want to send me a photo via social media please do so, but based on your description just keep the hoya in a warm (never cold) area and let those sprouts grow. They grow supper slow, that’s normal. The main heart won’t grow bigger, no, but you should get a new vine with similar heart shaped leaves!

  28. Hi! thanks for the useful info. just wondering, i have a hoya kerrii plant which has yellow leaves? may i know whats the possible reason for it and any care tips? also, will like to know which part of the plant should be cut in order for grafting/propagation? thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Joyce, yellow leaves s not usually a good sign and may indicate the plant is sitting in standing water. These like to get super dry so be sure you aren’t watering too often. As far as cutting, you want a chunk that has a 2-3 leaves and a small node.

  29. Hi! You had answered my questions on January 7th and said I could send you a photo via social media. Which social media do you have? I only have fb. Also, one leaf fell off but the other is getting bigger & looking like a heart shape like you’ve mentioned. I will just “leave” (haha) it alone, but I still don’t know what a node looks like on this plant. Actually, my plant looks just like the one that says, “Photo by Hoya lover @hiyakerrii”. I think it’s the 13th picture down on this site. I am afraid that the new sprout will get top-heavy?? And fall off?? Or will it turn into a vine?? And is my plant a he or a she? I want to name it! LOL!

    1. Hi Carol – yes, I’m on facebook under Leaf and Paw. A node looks just like a little nub and it’s usually red. If you are worried about to being top heavy, hoya love to climb and be staked, so you can add a chopstick (secure the plant with a twist tie) for extra support, too!

  30. I got one of the single leaf hoya kerrii, and it was just a leaf somewhat submerged in soil. Now 6 months later, I notice it is coming up out of the soil with a 1/4″ or more in length, stem. That sounds like perhaps I did get a node? I bought it from a reputable nursery. What do you think?

  31. HI! Actually the photo you showed does have enough node to grow another vine and it takes a year! I have never had one not grow into a vine and keep going, even with lowes! I found in my time growing that as long as it has a piece of node patience and it will grow! Most give up, since it does take a year or more for results but then they grow quickly! So far from 7 differen suppliers i never had one not grow. that buldge below the stem is actually where the node is split between the 2 leaves on the plant. I try to keep this halfway above the soil and do not bury this to the leaf. i water twice a month in a well draining sand, vermiculite, pearlite, sphagnum and coco mix…and keep under lighting indoors until the first year is up. This has always worked to grow amazing plants from one leaf! If no bulge below the leaf, no grow, very easy to check in the market if not ordering online. I will be sure to post more photos on my site as well as some new videos on my channel explaining this and more the first week of June.

  32. buenas noches mi consulta es hace unos 2 meses he comprado una Hoya Kerry es una sola hoja plantada en tierra al parecere esta sanita . Mi pregunta con esta hojita lograre que mi hoya kerry cresca como enredadera ? o como uds. dicen no va ha crecer

  33. I have a single leaf that has sprouted out a stem/vine and a lil heart growing out the end. This was helpful info in article.

  34. Great post. So I bought a single leaf 2 years ago and now it trailing about 5 feet with 20 leaves. Two things – bottom leaves are turning yellow and falling off. The original leaf turned brown and died completely. Too much water?
    Then (1), I am trying to find out exactly where on the vine do you cut to propagate (2) where do you cut on vine to prune back. One post talked about being leggy – mine is too. But nervous to cut it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Robyn! It may just be too much water – hoyas really like to dry out. and to prune back, you want to find a little node + an adional leaf or two and cut there. Check out this guide How To: Propagate Hoya and that should help out tons! I would definitely prune if he’s leggy, it will end up bushing out.

  35. Hello! I bought one Hoya 3months ago with 4 light green leaves, small size. Now it has +4 new leaves but they are growing so differently. They are super elongated and big, hard to see their heart shape on the new ones. They colour is darker and found marks on them, exactly like the “splash” version of Hoyas on your post. Why my Hoya is changing so much? Maybe too much hapiness on a south faced windowsill? 🙂 There is high humidity in my city too…

    1. Hi Daniela! It is completely about sunlight exposure – it’s happy! Bigger leaves on hoya are always good and it may actually be a splash which is a rarer type of kerrii. Also new leaves on hoyas always come out darker and then lighten as they firm up. Your plant is happy though so no need to fret.

  36. I myself had no idea that a single leaf could not product a bud. I have one to my neighbor for Valentine’s Day from the kids and she told me it grew a bud on the side

  37. When I got mine it was just a single leaf off of the mother plant, the nursery owner snipped it off and gave it to me because the plant itself had sold. There was no node. For the 1st year I kept it in my windowsill, watering it when dry. I then moved it outside and kinda forgot about it. I placed it where it got alot of rain and stayed moist. 2 yr 3 months later from when I received the single leaf It sprouted its own stem and leaves. I currently have 5 leaves and 2 more on their way. I would have had more leaves had I not got so excited and potted up..Live and learn. Patience paid off for me, I say don’t give up.

  38. Hello, I have a Kerri Hoya that has three leaves and all of a sudden one leaf is softer than the others and small pinhead size white is oozing from it. When you wipe it off they immediately reappear like it is weeping. Is this common or possibly a pest I should treat it for? I don’t want to lose it! Thanks in advance.

  39. So you are saying 9.5 out of 10 it won’t grow a vine, so what i am thinking.. who has done the research on this and waited for years and years to come up with this number? Show me the proof! saw one guy say 9 out of 10 and another only 3%, and i just got one recently so we will see i guess! 😀 and someone recommended putting the stem in the light. going to try to make it grow! And ill be back when it finally did!

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