Let’s talk about plant pronunciation.

This is going to be a simple post, but an important one. All too often, plant lovers everywhere become a victim to mispronouncing plant names. It’s easy to find guides to pronounce common, usually outdoor, plant names, such as hydrangea or clematis. But what about indoor houseplants? A list does not exist. And it’s somewhat infuriating and frankly embarrassing talking about your Monster Delicious or Pilea Pepperoni.

plant pronunciation guide

So here we go.

A no frills, not even phonetically correct in any way, plant pronunciation guide of common indoor plants. They’re even listed from most mispronounced to least. You’re welcome.

Pilea Peperomioides: Pie-LEE-uh Pep-per-row-me-OY-dees

Monstera Deliciosa: Mon-STAIR-uh Del-liss-sea-OH-suh

Aglaonema: Ag-low-NEE-muh

Monstera Obliqua: Mon-STAIR-uh Oh-BLEE-kuh

Monstera Adansonii: Mon-STAIR-uh AH-dan-SEWN-nee-eye

Philodendron: Fil-low-DEN-dren

Draceana: Dra-SEE-nuh

Dieffenbachia: Diff-en-BACK-key-ah

Anthurium: An-THUR-ree-um

Bonsai: BONS-eye

Aloe: AAH-low

Orchid: ORE-kid

Mandevilla: Man-deh-VEE-yah

Tradescantia: Trah-deh-SCAN-tee-uh

Bromeliad: Bro-MIL-lee-ahd

Ficus: FYE-cuss

Plant pronunciation guide :: leafandpaw.com

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