Where to Buy Rare Houseplants Online

Rare hoya

Let’s not kid ourselves and admit we have all thought about seeking the dark web to find a variegated Monstera. I mean, I have and I’m not proud of it, but the obsession is bad.* It’s not just Monstera albo, either. There’s other rare Monstera varieties, specialized Philodendrons, and these crazy gorgeous juicy plants all over Alina’s house.
*slight exaggeration

Rare houseplants
Alina’s house, featuring plant family and Usha and Sophie.

My point is, there are a lot of special and rare houseplants that are trending right now and, being the plant enabler Instagram is, it’s difficult not salivate and want them all.

I live in NY so I am a tad spoiled when it comes to houseplant selection. However, I know if you are in the Midwest, I learned recently it can be hard to find anything besides spider plants and Pothos (not my words, but someone who legit lives in Illinois said this). More rural areas or small cities may not have garden centers or specialty plants shops either, so naturally the internet is the next best option.

Rare variegated plants
Alina’s place again – featuring var. musee, anthurium and monstera adansonii.

This brings me back to the dark web. Don’t go there. It’s probably a bad place. I’m here to tell you there are some great online options to buy rare houseplants that doesn’t involve selling a kidney or getting arrested.* Mind you, tiny variegated monstera cuttings are still $150-500 but I’ve accepted this. 
*slight exaggeration

Rare watermelon peperomia

Before we get to the list, I want to specify that I’m just an Amazon affiliate, but not at all affiliated with the other companies I’m about to list. I’m only listing them because well, I think they’re awesome and the have a great selection of plants. If you buy from them, which you should, I don’t get any money for the purchase, just the happiness that I improved your life. Also, always shop locally and at small businesses as much as you can.

Where to Buy Rare Indoor Plants Online

Obviously a great place to just browse. Hirts Gardens and Costa Farms are two of my favorite plants growers and they sell quite a bit through Amazon.

Steve’s Leaves
Has new inventory constantly and Steve’s begonia game is TOP NOTCH.

NSE Tropicals
Chock full of those rare Anthuriums, Monsteras and Philodendrons you keep seeing everywhere.

Kind of an indoor plant superstore – with whale fin Sansevieria, jewel orchids, and lots of great plants that are hard to find.

This Toronto-based store has tons of rare Hoya – some I’ve never even heard of. They also ship Canada-wide.

In addition to plant-tip-filled email newsletters, Pistils is a great place to shop for more obscure plants, but they go quick.

New Life Tropicals 
Has a crazy amazing selection of rare houseplants, including many Epipremnum, Monsteras and Philodendrons.

Peace Love & Happiness Club
So they have more than just plants, but that’s why I really like them. Plus they’re the only company who sells Alligator planters.

Ken’s Philodendrons
Following Ken’s on IG is a must – they get plants in which sell almost immediately, but they have an amazing huge-leaf philodendron selection.

Woodies Garden Goods
I found this company when I was writing this post and my god their inventory is vast. I like that they have a pet safe plant section. 

I shop at Logees for outdoor plants, but they’ve recently started to supply awesome houseplants such as Monstera thai constellation and some gorg passionflower varieties.

I always love Bloomscape – they just have a great plant selection of Calathea and some classic minimal planters.

Glass House Works
More like a full on greenhouse, they have a ton of plants, especially Aspidistra elatior (Cast iron plant) which is pet safe but very hard to find.  

Ebay + Etsy
Two of the best places for rare plants, they literally have everything and you can buy from vendors all over the world, not just the US.

Don’t forget mega stores like Lowes, Home Depot, IKEA, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Wegmans, Kroger all replenish their houseplants (usually) weekly. Plant swappers on Instagram, local plant swaps and Facebook plant groups are also great places to swap or buy rare houseplants.

Rare hoya

Know another great place to buy rare houseplants? Let me know! I would love to add it to this list.

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42 replies
  1. Oh thanks! I’m on the hunt for plant stores and you listed some stores I’ve not heard of and am excited to visit. Especially the top notch begonia game site lol! It’s a great list with more than the standard “best places to shop for houseplants online” places and I appreciate that effort.
    I typically buy my houseplants and succulents from Etsy. You have a vast selection and can pick and choose until you find what you like and free shipping. However you also come across fakes and altered plants and have to be diligent about buying from the right sellers. Sometimes it’s kind of a hassle so I’m searching for a solid online nursery.

    1. I had a New Life Tropicals order delivered to New York and would not recommend buying anything other than bulbs/sanseverias. Plants were packed fine, but shipping stress can be significant – philodendron leaves were black and anthurium roots were mushy.

      I emailed pics of the dead plants and asked whether I could repurchase at half price, but they said they had no responsibility and that it was on me for ordering in the summer.

      Basically, be ready to lose plants with delicate leaves and expect nothing in the way of resolution from vendor.

      1. I ordered from NLT back in Feb and they just shipped my order to CA. Everything came alive and well. Maybe just your weather compared to mine

        1. I ordered from New Life Tropicals in July 2020 and despite many emails they have not shipped any plants as of May 2021

  2. Hey! I get a lot of my plants from “ the house plant shop” they have amazing packaging and very friendly prices! Check them out! I give a 10/10 on health of plants and safe arrivals!

  3. So looking at the prices of some of these, I’m a little out! I was having a look on the photo. with the Musa Ae Ae and there is a large leaf at the centre of the bottom of the photo. Is that an Anthurium?

  4. Where in NY are you located and have you found the cheapest plants!? I’m about 2 hours from NYC, but am willing to take the travel for my dream plants if they’re not asking outrageous amounts like these people online.?

    1. I have found so many in NYC, but I travel to Toronto (Canada) a lot and have actually found so many there and near the border! Also I found that no matter where you are in NY, it’s basically hit or miss. I honestly just call around sometimes to see if a plant shop carries the plant I want, and if so I just make the trip!

      1. Thank you so much for the information! Home Depot has recently gotten the plants I have been looking for, but $600-2,000 isn’t worth it for me.

  5. Hi there – just wanted to leave a note about one particular seller you mentioned, Eden CPS, which is owned by Sara Stevenson. This business has been shown to scam customers out of plants time and time again (see her BBB profile and any plant seller review group) and the owner has also been known to delete all negative reviews or comments and has gone on some questionable (and racist) rants, which you can easily find on YouTube. I would absolutely NEVER recommend anyone purchase plants from this business.

    1. I know of several around if you’re still looking but for the same price I can probably get you a plant w my next import order. I’ve not had any issues w healthy plants but feel good about sellers I work with given they want my return business so I’m never going to be SOL if shipping goes badly! Let me know (just discovered a mint Laniata & finding it REALLY hard to resist even though I’ve had next to no interest in variegated MA?!? My husband killed numerous plants when I was gone a month or so last summer, including a gorgeous trailing nearly black Treubii, before they were being imported for $15! And aurea standleyana~my 2 new treasures, not even reported yet, only w me long enough to cross of the list. Absolutely the #1 drawback to having a majestical plant kingdom of your own is having to be gone more than a week or so (I’m fully prepared to construct a maze of DIY self watering lines the next time!!! I trust a couple of bowls of water & absorbent rope more than anyone I know, & the bowls care much less about the fallout if it goes wrong!! ?)

  6. Had 1 went to look after my sick mother an it died, gone 3 months. Paid someone to water plants while gone. Paid them, but didn t water plants. 4 in pot

    1. Some of these do ship to Canada actually! I also love Rice Road Greenhouses, Plant and Curio and Crystal Star Nursery. I always made it a habit to visit Rice Road – their prices are VERY reasonable.

  7. Carnivero.com is also AMAZING! They do mostly carniverous plants but their aroids and rare plant selection is top notch. Had great experiences with getting plants shipped from them!

  8. Greenhouse Works is the wrong name. It’s Glasshouse Works. i visited it and there is no way he knows what he has. Understaffed – greenhouse is a jungle of pots on the floors to the ceilings. I did pick up some deals but if you order online I’m going to guess the quality is all over the place

  9. Bros with Hoes Plant Co. is amazing. They do weekly restocks ( I think on Wednesday’s) but they do previews on what they will have during the week etc. I’ve purchased several plants from
    There and they are exceptional quality and great packaging/shipping speed.

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